I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?

This is the main page for my unnamed multiple system. I'm not really if the *I* that fronts most of the time is a single person or a group of people, but this particular blog is sort of our *fronting* blog. The writing style, aesthetics, and so forth you will see on this blog reflect what you would/will/do see most often should you befriend my system. This blog represents the default, "person NOS" state of being.

Many of our headmates/system members/whatever have their own blogs. That being said, our system has entire cities full of people in it, so the few blogs on Tumblr do not accurately reflect our numbers. Please, if you choose to follow the others, treat them as valid people and not as "symptoms" or "parts" of me. Thank you.

Age confusion.

I woke up thinking I was 19 today. After a few minutes, I “realized” I was 21. It took a while for system communication to kick in and remind me (whoever I am/was) that I turned 22 LAST year and am almost 23. It took a while for me to think about it and figure out that this was actually true. Somehow knowing that is oddly painful. I shouldn’t be older than I think I am…and at the same time I shouldn’t complain. L is 12 and some of us are much younger than that. I can only imagine how they feel. 

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